Terrific Mental Workout

Scientists have studied how certain activities impact a person’s cognitive health. They studied many activities such as dancing, reading, writing, doing crossword puzzles, card games and playing musical instruments. The important finding is that frequent dancing was what provided the greatest benefit to mental acuity. Professional competitive dancers did not see this benefit due to the stress of competition. Square dance competitions are extremely rare. We work as a group of eight dancers to have fun.

One such study was the Albert Einstein College of Medicine Study. They conducted a 21 year research project on aging and mental acuity. They studied cognitive and physical activities like playing tennis, swimming, biking, walking and dancing. Dancing frequently was the activity that offered the greatest risk reduction of developing dementia of any action studied, cognitive or physical.

A study led by Colorado State University researchers also showed that dancing is good for your brain. The study investigated the brain’s fiber communication system (white matter). White matter contains millions of nerve fibers that connect parts of the brain and spinal cord. Communications coming from white matter is critical for any brain function. The study found that the integrity of white matter communication increased in study subjects that were in a dance group. It documented how wonderful dancing is for your brain health Come dance with us!!