Taking on a New Square Dance Challenge

Are you already a strong Advanced Square Dancer?  How about taking on a new Square Dance Challenge.

Phantom Squares, a long time member of A Square D, is an Advanced and Challenge club. We have promoted the higher levels of square dancing since 1986. We have dances on the weekend of the 2nd Saturday of each month. Our Friday dance is A2 level, and we meet Sunday for C1 and C2 dancing. We are working hard at rebuilding our club after the COVID pandemic. Michael Kellogg has been teaching C1 to new dancers every Sunday evening in Canoga Park Women’s club from 6-9PM.

Challenge dancing makes you think a little more than the lower levels and makes you a stronger dancer at all levels since we focus on Dance By Definition (DBD) or knowing the definitions of the calls. Anyone who is a good A2 dancer is an excellent candidate for learning C1. We currently have very lively and enjoyable classes with Michael Kellogg every Sunday evening. We hope you will consider joining us.

Phantom Squares