Joining the ASQD Board

As a square dancer for many years, I was invited and encouraged to be part of my club’s board of directors and take part in club management and decision making. This was a joy for me, in addition to dancing, as it enabled me to meet dancers from other clubs and from clubs around the world!  When I was invited to join the Associated Square Dance organization of Southern California, I was again delighted to meet many new dancers both far and near.  As a member and representative of the Associated Square Dancers (ASqD), I participated in local and national events.  I learned that each year there is a National Square Dance Convention in a different state of the union. The most fabulous part about this was visiting and dancing in states which I’ve never been to, like Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Wisconsin, and many others.

Many of us plan travel vacations to square dancing events, here and around the world.  For those of you reading this blog, I look forward to meeting and dancing with you and learning about you and your family/culture.  Square dancing is indeed a precious family, cultural, and social even that all of us can enjoy….everywhere!  Hey, “hope to see you in a square soon!”

Pamela Bailis