Dancer Courtesy

I really like square dancing and enjoy the accuracy of our movement to the caller and the music.

I also enjoy the warm feelings when greeting other dancers. I may not know them personally but see them regularly at the dances. We shake hands and say hello. If the friendship is closer, we might exchange a little hug. It is a good up-beat way to start the evening.

A very important thing is recognizing the physical limitations of some other dancers. When we square-up, I make it a point to note any physical limitations my corner and the other dancers in my square may have, such as the “do not swing” badge. or a wrist brace. She might just say it once before the caller starts. Sometimes a dancer may forget to tell us of a limitation only to remember to mention it while actually dancing. That is why I make it my duty to watch out for how the other dancers move and adjust my movements and hand-holds to prevent hurting others or worse.

I always like to finish on a happy note, saying Thanks and good-night, I will see you at the next dance.

Michael Brodie
Western Weavers Square Dance Club