About Associated Square Dancers

What We Do

  • We provide non-profit status to all our member clubs.
  • We offer liability insurance to the clubs in our membership to protect both the club and the clubs members.
  • We provide organizational assistance to our clubs, when requested.
  • We promote square and round dancing on a local, state and national level.

Upcoming Activities

We sponsor five major events each year:

June, 2024

Spring Fling

Recently Held Activities

February, 2024

The Sweetheart Ball

January, 2024

Valley District Student Stomp

October, 2023

The Anniversary Ball

June, 2023

Westside District Spring Fling

High Flyers

  • High Flyers is an A Square D sponsored trip to National Square Dance Convention every year. We go for three or four days before the Convention and have pre-arranged tours & sight seeing of the area.
  • It is open to anybody that wants to go. For more information and Flyers please see our HighFlyers page.
  • We have some people that have been going every year for years & years and others that have been going some of the time for years.