About A Square D

Our History:
Associated Square Dancers (A Square D) was formed. We started that year with seven clubs. Our first board of directors consisted of seven officers.  Soon after, we grew to have over 300 clubs in our membership.

We  became incorporated as a non-profit organization.
The City of Santa Monica requested square dancing as part of their Diamond Jubilee celebration. A Square D helped coordinate and was one of the principle promoters of the Square Dance Exhibition. Over 5000 dancers and 35,000 spectators responded. As a result of the publicity, many clubs were formed throughout the area. Association leaders felt they could promote square dancing better by working together. 

What we do:

  • We provide non-profit status to all our member clubs.
  • We offer liability insurance to the clubs in our membership to protect both the club and the clubs members.
  • We provide organizational assistance to our clubs, when requested.
  • We promote square and round dancing on a local, state and national level.

Our Dances:

We sponsor five major events each year:

  • January:  Valley District Student Stomp
  • February: The Sweetheart Ball 
  • March:  Orange District Leprechaun Ball
  • June:  South Bay/Westside District Spring Fling
  • October: The Anniversary/ Presidential Ball

Our Members:

  • We Currently have 30 clubs in our membership

(To see a list of our clubs, and their contact information, see the page titled “Affiliate Clubs”)

High Flyers:

High Flyers is an A Square D sponsored trip to National Square Dance Convention every year. We go for three or four days before the Convention and have pre-arranged tours & sight seeing of the area.

It is open to anybody that wants to go. For more information and Flyers please see our HighFlyers page.

We have some people that have been going every year for years & years and others that have been going some of the time for years.