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Here at “A Square D” we’re focused on promoting square dancing and round dancing as a fun, friendly, and healthy activity.

Whether you’re an experienced dancer looking for a new place to dance or you’ve never done a do-si-so, you’re welcome to join us. No matter whether you are a beginner or brushing up on your existing skills, you can find a class.

Square Dance Classes

The Pandemic kept us locked up for three years. It’s time to cut loose.
Move past Social Distancing and try Social Square Dancing.

What is Round Dancing?

Round Dancing is a form of social ballroom dancing in which the steps are pre-choreographed to the music, and those steps are announced by a “cuer,” as we dance. You just learn how to do the dance steps. It’s a great way to dance ballroom rhythms such as cha-cha, foxtrot, waltz, jive, and rumba to popular music.

A Square D Blog

Friends for a lifetime

Square dancing is a social activity with its roots stemming from the spread of our nation across the continent with neighbors helping one another build barns and homes, and finally…
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How to Find a Hall

Searching for a new venue for square dancing can be daunting. So, when our club needed a new hall, we went all out to canvas the available spaces. Here is…
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Learn about our history

Our dance form is a blending of dance forms from other nations combined with our unique calls, choreography, growth, and practice.

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